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A continuación podéis ver la lista de episodios de Gintama. De los 353 episodios emitidos hasta la fecha, Gintama cuenta con un total de 27 episodios de relleno. Haciendo un total de 7.6% de relleno.

Los episodios marcados como "RELLENO" son episodios completamente originales, que no aparecen en el manga. Mientras que los episodios marcados como "MITAD RELLENO" son episodios que tienen un gran número de contenido original, pero que recomendamos su visionado, ya que también tienen escenas que aparecen en el manga, importantes para el desarrollo de la trama.

Para el cálculo del relleno sólo se han tenido en cuenta los episodios marcados como "RELLENO".

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11x1You Guys!! Do You Even Have a Gintama? (1)RELLENO04/04/2006
21x2You Guys!! Do You Even Have a Gintama? (2)RELLENO04/04/2006
31x3Nobody with Naturally Wavy Hair Can be That Bad!CANON11/04/2006
41x4Watch Out! Weekly Shonen Jump Sometimes Comes Out on Saturdays!CANON25/04/2006
51x5Make Friends You Can Call by Their Nicknames, Even When You're an Old Fart!CANON02/05/2006
61x6Keep Your Promise Even If It Kills YouCANON09/05/2006
71x7Responsible Owners Should Clean Up After Their Pets!CANON16/05/2006
81x8There Is Butt a Fine Line Between Persistence and StubbornnessCANON23/05/2006
91x9Fighting Should Be Done With Fists!CANON30/05/2006
101x10Eat Something Sour When You're Tired!CANON06/06/2006
111x11Look, Overly Sticky Sweet Dumplings Are Not Real Dumplings, You Idiot!CANON13/06/2006
121x12People Who Make Good First Impressions Usually Suck!CANON13/06/2006
131x13If You're Going to Cosplay, Go All Out!CANON20/06/2006
141x14Boys Have a Weird Ritual that Makes Them Think They Turn Into Men When They Touch Frogs! / You Only Gotta Wash Under Your Armpits - Just the ArmpitsCANON04/07/2006
151x15Pets Resemble Their Owners!CANON11/07/2006
161x16If You Stop and Think About It, Your Life’s a Lot Longer as an Old Guy Than a Kid! Whoa, Scary!!CANON18/07/2006
171x17Sons Only Take After Their Fathers' Negative AttributesCANON25/07/2006
181x18Oh Yeah! Our Crib is Number One!CANON01/08/2006
191x19Why’s the Sea So Salty? Because You City Folk Pee Whenever You Go Swimming!CANON08/08/2006
201x20Watch Out For Conveyor Belts!CANON15/08/2006
211x21If You're a Man, Try the Swordfish / If You Go to Sleep With the Fan On, You'll Get a Stomachache, So Be CarefulCANON22/08/2006
221x22Marriage is Prolonging an Illusion for Your Whole LifeCANON05/09/2006
231x23When You're In a Fix, Keep On Laughing, Laughing...CANON12/09/2006
241x24Cute Faces Are Always Hiding SomethingCANON19/09/2006
251x25A Shared Soup Pot is a Microcosm of LifeCANON05/10/2006
261x26Don't Be Shy - Just Raise Your Hand and Say ItCANON12/10/2006
271x27Some Things Can’t Be Cut with a SwordCANON19/10/2006
281x28Good Things Never Come in Twos (but Bad Things Do)CANON25/10/2006
291x29Don’t Panic – There’s a Return Policy! / I Told You to Pay Attention to the News!CANON02/11/2006
301x30Even Teen Idols Act Like You GuysCANON09/11/2006
311x31You Always Remember the Things that Matter the LeastCANON16/11/2006
321x32Life Moves on Like a Conveyor BeltCANON23/11/2006
331x33Mistaking Someone’s Name is Rude!CANON30/11/2006
341x34Love Doesn’t Require a Manual (1)CANON07/12/2006
351x35Love Doesn’t Require a Manual (2) / You Can't Judge a Person by His Appearance, EitherCANON14/12/2006
361x36People with Dark Pasts Can't Shut UpCANON21/12/2006
371x37People Who Say that Santa Doesn’t Really Exist Actually Want to Believe in Him / Prayer Won't Make Your Worldly Desires Go Away! Control YourselfCANON28/12/2006
381x38Only Children Play in the Snow / During Winter, Eating Ice-cream Is SweetCANON11/01/2007
391x39Ramen Shops with Long Menus Never Do WellCANON18/01/2007
401x40Give a Thought to Planned PregnancyCANON25/01/2007
411x41You Can't Judge a Movie by Its TitleCANON01/02/2007
421x42You Know What Happens if You Pee on a WormCANON08/02/2007
431x43Make Characters So Anybody Can Tell Who They Are by Just Their SilhouettesCANON15/02/2007
441x44Mom’s Busy, Too, So Quit Complaining About What’s for DinnerCANON22/02/2007
451x45Walk Your Dog at an Appropriate SpeedCANON01/03/2007
461x46Adults Only. We Wouldn’t Want Anyone Immature in HereCANON08/03/2007
471x47Do Cherries Come from Cherry Trees?CANON15/03/2007
481x48The More You're Alike, the More You Fight / Why Do You Use That Useless Negativity?CANON22/03/2007
491x49A Life Without Gambling is Like Sushi Without WasabiCANON29/03/2007
502x1"Once Upon a Time in China-Girl Gintama" or “Pending Means Pending, It’s Not Final"RELLENO05/04/2007
512x2Milk Should Be Served at Body TemperatureCANON12/04/2007
522x3If You Want to See Someone, Make an Appo FirstCANON19/04/2007
532x4Stress Makes You Bald, but It's Stressful to Avoid Stress, So You End Up Stressed Out Anyway, So in the End There's Nothing You Can DoCANON26/04/2007
542x5Mothers Everywhere Are All the SameCANON03/05/2007
552x6Don't Make Munching Noises When You EatCANON10/05/2007
562x7Keep an Eye on the Chief for the DayCANON17/05/2007
572x8When Looking for Something You've Lost, Remember What You Were Doing on the Day You Lost ItRELLENO24/05/2007
582x9Croquette Sandwiches Are Always the Most Popular Food Sold at the StallsCANON31/05/2007
592x10Be Careful Not to Leave Your Umbrella SomewhereCANON07/06/2007
602x11The Sun Will Rise AgainCANON14/06/2007
612x12On a Moonless Night, Insects Are Drawn to the LightCANON21/06/2007
622x13Even Mummy Hunters Sometimes Turn into MummysCANON28/06/2007
632x14The Preview Section in JUMP is Always UnreliableCANON05/07/2007
642x15Eating Nmaibo Can Make You Full in No Time!CANON12/07/2007
652x16Rhinoceros Beetles Teach Boys that Life is PreciousCANON19/07/2007
662x17Dango Over FlowersCANON26/07/2007
672x18For the Wind Is the Life / Minami-chan is Indeed the Ideal GirlfriendCANON02/08/2007
682x19Like a Haunted House, Life is Filled with HorrorsCANON09/08/2007
692x20Please Help by Separating Your TrashCANON16/08/2007
702x21Too Many Cuties Can Make You SickCANON23/08/2007
712x22Some Data Cannot Be ErasedCANON30/08/2007
722x23A Dog's Paws Smell Fragrant / Drive With a "Might" AttitudeCANON06/09/2007
732x24Think for a Minute Now, Do Matsutake Mushrooms Really Taste All that Good?CANON13/09/2007
742x25The Manga Writer Becomes a Pro, After Doing a Stock of ManuscriptCANON20/09/2007
752x26Don’t Complain About Your Job at Home, Do It Somewhere ElseRELLENO27/09/2007
762x27In Those Situations, Keep Quiet and Cook Red Rice With BeansCANON04/10/2007
772x28Yesterday’s Enemy, After All Is Said and Done, Is Still the EnemyCANON11/10/2007
782x29People Who Are Picky About Food Are Picky About People, TooCANON18/10/2007
792x30Four Heads are Better than OneCANON25/10/2007
802x31When Someone Who Wears Glasses Takes Them Off, It Looks Like Something’s MissingCANON08/11/2007
812x32A Woman's Best Make-up Is Her SmileCANON15/11/2007
822x33You Say Kawaii so Often, You Must Really Think You’re Cute StuffRELLENO22/11/2007
832x34Rank Has Nothing to Do With LuckCANON29/11/2007
842x35Hard-boiled Egg on a Man's HeartCANON06/12/2007
852x36Hard-Boiled Eggs Don't CrackCANON13/12/2007
862x37It's Often Difficult to Sleep When You're Engrossed With Counting SheepCANON20/12/2007
872x38Perform a German Suplex on a Woman Who Asks If She or the Job Is More ImportantCANON27/12/2007
882x39The Most Exciting Part of a Group Date is Before it StartsCANON10/01/2008
892x40What Happens Twice, Happens ThriceCANON17/01/2008
902x41The More Delicious the Food, the Nastier It Is When It Goes BadCANON24/01/2008
912x42If You Want To Lose Weight, Then Stop Eating and Start MovingCANON31/01/2008
922x43Be a Person Who Can See People's Strong Points and Not Their Weak PointsCANON07/02/2008
932x44Even a Hero Has IssuesCANON14/02/2008
942x45When Riding A Train, Make Sure You Grab the Straps With Both HandsCANON21/02/2008
952x46Men, Be a MadaoCANON28/02/2008
962x47If You're a Man, Don't Give UpCANON06/03/2008
972x48Exaggerate the Tales of Your Exploits by a Third, So Everyone Has a Good Time / Men Have a Weakness for Girls Who Sell Flowers and Work in Pastry ShopsCANON13/03/2008
982x49Play Video Games for Only an Hour a DayCANON20/03/2008
992x50Life and Video Games are Full of BugsCANON27/03/2008
1003x1The More Something Is Disliked, the More Lovely It IsRELLENO03/04/2008
1013x2Rules Are Made to be BrokenCANON10/04/2008
1023x3Otaku Are TalkativeCANON17/04/2008
1033x4There's a Thin Line Between Strengths and WeaknessesCANON24/04/2008
1043x5Important Things Are Hard To SeeCANON01/05/2008
1053x6It’s All About the Beat and TimingCANON08/05/2008
1063x7Love Is Often Played Out In Sudden DeathRELLENO15/05/2008
1073x8Kids Don’t Understand How Their Parents FeelCANON22/05/2008
1083x9Some Things Are Better Left UnsaidCANON29/05/2008
1093x10Life is a TestCANON05/06/2008
1103x11People Are All Escapees of Their Own Inner PrisonsCANON12/06/2008
1113x12Definitely Do Not Let Your Girlfriend See the Things You Use for Cross-Dressing / There's Almost a 100% Chance You’ll Forget Your Umbrella and Hate Yourself For ItRELLENO19/06/2008
1123x13A Birthday in Your Twenties Has No Deep Meaning / Lucky Is a Man Who Gets Up and Goes to WorkCANON26/06/2008
1133x14Cleaning the Toilet Cleanses the SoulCANON03/07/2008
1143x15They Say Soy Sauce On Pudding Tastes Like Sea Urchin, But Soy Sauce On Pudding Only Tastes Like Pudding and Soy SauceRELLENO10/07/2008
1153x16Summer Vacation is the Most Fun Right Before It BeginsCANON17/07/2008
1163x17The Older, The WiserCANON24/07/2008
1173x18Beauty is Like a Summer FruitCANON31/07/2008
1183x19Even if Your Back is Bent, Go Straight ForwardCANON07/08/2008
1193x20Within Each Box of Cigarettes, Are One or Two Cigarettes That Smell Like Horse DungCANON14/08/2008
1203x21Japanese Restaurants Abroad Taste Pretty Much Like School Cafeteria Lunches / Once You've Chosen a Dish, You Can't Give it BackRELLENO21/08/2008
1213x22Novices Only Need a Flathead and a PhillipsCANON28/08/2008
1223x23Imagination Is Nurtured In the 8th GradeCANON04/09/2008
1233x24Always Keep a Screwdriver In Your HeartCANON11/09/2008
1243x25When Nagging Goes Too Far It Becomes IntimidatingRELLENO18/09/2008
1253x26Entering the Final Chapter!RELLENO25/09/2008
1263x27Some Things Can Only Be Conveyed Through the Written WordCANON02/10/2008
1273x28Sometimes You Must Meet to UnderstandCANON09/10/2008
1283x29Sometimes You Can’t Tell Just By Meeting SomeoneCANON16/10/2008
1293x30Beware of Food You Pick Up Off the GroundCANON23/10/2008
1303x31Cat Lovers and Dog Lovers Are Mutually ExclusiveCANON30/10/2008
1313x32Fights Often Ensue During TripsCANON06/11/2008
1323x33Briefs Will Unavoidably Get SkidmarksCANON13/11/2008
1333x34Gin and His Excellency’s Good For NothingCANON20/11/2008
1343x35Be Very Careful When Using Ghost StoriesCANON27/11/2008
1353x36Before Thinking About the Earth, Think About the More Endangered Gintaman’s Future!RELLENO04/12/2008
1363x37It's Your House, You Build ItCANON11/12/2008
1373x3899% of Men Are Not Confident in Confessing Their LoveRELLENO18/12/2008
1383x39Why Not Talk About the Old Days for a Change?CANON25/12/2008
1393x40Don't Put Your Wallet In Your Back PocketCANON08/01/2009
1403x41Beware of Those Who Use an Umbrella on a Sunny Day!CANON15/01/2009
1413x42Butting Into a Fight Is DangerousCANON22/01/2009
1423x43Life Is About Making Consecutive DecisionsCANON29/01/2009
1433x44Those Who Stand On Four Legs Are Beasts. Those Who Stand on Two Legs, Guts, and Glory, Are MenCANON05/02/2009
1443x45Don’t Trust Bedtime StoriesCANON12/02/2009
1453x46The Color for Each Person’s Bond Comes in Various ColorsCANON19/02/2009
1463x47The Taste of Drinking Under Broad Daylight Is Something SpecialCANON26/02/2009
1473x48All Adults are Instructors for All ChildrenCANON05/03/2009
1483x49Zip Up Your Fly Nice and SlowlyCANON12/03/2009
1493x50When Breaking a Chuubert in Half, the End with the Knob Should Be Better. It's Also Tasty to Drink from ThereCANON19/03/2009
1503x51If You Can’t Beat Them, Join ThemRELLENO26/03/2009
1514x1A Conversation With a Barber During a Haircut is The Most Pointless Thing in The WorldCANON02/04/2009
1524x2The Heavens Created Chonmage Above Man Instead of Another ManCANON09/04/2009
1534x3Sleep Helps a Child GrowCANON16/04/2009
1544x4That Person Looks Different from Usual During a Birthday PartyCANON23/04/2009
1554x5The Other Side of the Other Side of the Other Side Would Be the Other SideRELLENO30/04/2009
1564x6It Takes a Bit of Courage to Enter a Street Vendor's StandCANON07/05/2009
1574x7Any Place Can Become a Battlefield When Men GatherCANON14/05/2009
1584x8If a Friend Gets Injured, Take Him to the Hospital, Stat!CANON21/05/2009
1594x9If One Orange in the Box is Rotten, the Rest of Them Will Become Rotten Before You Realize It!CANON28/05/2009
1604x10From a Foreigner's Perspective, You're the Foreigner. From an Alien's Perspective, You're the AlienCANON04/06/2009
1614x11Laputa's Still Good After Seeing It So Many TimesCANON11/06/2009
1624x12Love Is UnconditionalCANON18/06/2009
1634x13The Black Ships Even Make A Scene When They SinkCANON25/06/2009
1644x14That Matsutake Soup Stuff Tastes Better than the Real Deal / If a Person Is Dead, They Can't Come Back to LifeRELLENO02/07/2009
1654x15If It Works Once, It'll Work Over And Over AgainCANON09/07/2009
1664x16Two Is Better Than One. Two People Are Better Than OneRELLENO16/07/2009
1674x17Smooth Polygons Smooth Men's Hearts TooCANON23/07/2009
1684x18A Human Body Is Like a Little UniverseCANON30/07/2009
1694x19The Chosen IdiotsCANON06/08/2009
1704x20And into the Legend...CANON13/08/2009
1714x21If You Keep Copying, They Will Retaliate / A Loss Opens Your Eyes to the Love You HaveRELLENO20/08/2009
1724x22Using the Carrot and the Stick Method Depends on the SituationCANON27/08/2009
1734x23It's What's On The Inside That Counts / It's What's On The Inside That Counts, But Only To A Certain ExtentRELLENO04/09/2009
1744x24Are There Still People Who Go to the Ocean and Yell "Bakayaro!"? / When a Person Is Trapped, Their Inner Door OpensRELLENO10/09/2009
1754x25No Matter How Old You Get, You Still Hate the DentistCANON17/09/2009
1764x26Countdown BeginsRELLENO24/09/2009
1774x27It's Bad Luck to See a Spider at NightCANON01/10/2009
1784x28Once You’re Entangled in a Spiderweb, It’s Hard to Get It OffCANON08/10/2009
1794x29It's the Irresponsible One Who's Scary When PissedCANON15/10/2009
1804x30The More Precious the Burden, The Heavier and More Difficult it is to ShoulderCANON22/10/2009
1814x31Watch Out For A Set of Women and A DrinkCANON29/10/2009
1824x32Screw Popularity VotesCANON05/11/2009
1834x33Popularity Polls Can Burn in HellCANON12/11/2009
1844x34Popularity Polls Can...CANON19/11/2009
1854x35Hometowns and Boobs Are Best Thought of from Afar / The Whole Peeing on a Bee Sting Is a Myth. You’ll Get Germs, So Don’t Do It!!RELLENO26/11/2009
1864x36Beware of ForeshadowsCANON03/12/2009
1874x37It’s Goodbye Once a Flag Is SetCANON10/12/2009
1884x38An Observation Journal Should Be Seen Through To The Very EndCANON17/12/2009
1894x39We Know It’s Best to Finish Yearly Tasks Before the End of the Year, But then You Put It Off Till Next Year for a Fresh Start. That’s How the End of the Year Goes / Radio Exercises are Socials for Boys and GirlsRELLENO24/12/2009
1904x40When Looking for Something, Try Using its PerspectiveCANON07/01/2010
1914x41Freedom Means to Live True to Yourself, not Without Law!CANON14/01/2010
1924x42Kabukicho Stray Cat BluesCANON21/01/2010
1934x43Cooking Is About GutsCANON28/01/2010
1944x44Whenever I Hear Leviathan, I Think of Sazae-san. Stupid Me!!CANON04/02/2010
1954x45Not Losing to the RainCANON11/02/2010
1964x46Not Losing to the WindCANON18/02/2010
1974x47Not Losing to the StormCANON25/02/2010
1984x48Never Losing That SmileCANON04/03/2010
1994x49That’s How I Wish to Be, Beautiful and StrongCANON11/03/2010
2004x50Santa Claus Red Is Blood RedCANON18/03/2010
2014x51Everybody's a Santa!CANON25/03/2010
2025x1Todo el mundo parece un poco crecido después de las vacaciones de primaveraCANON04/04/2011
2035x2Todos parecen más mayores después de las vacaciones de veranoCANON11/04/2011
2045x3Escribe las tarjetas de Año Nuevo con estilografia / El corazón viene antes del chocolateCANON18/04/2011
2055x4Los menues deben ser equilibradas/ Todos somos guerreros en la batalla contra el destinoCANON25/04/2011
2065x5Es un lio llamarla "Chica Póster" si trabaja en una tienda de posters, así que llámala "Chica sándwich"CANON02/05/2011
2075x6Las gafas son parte del almaCANON09/05/2011
2085x7Las Gafas evitan que veas ciertas cosasCANON16/05/2011
2095x8Nada dura para siempre, incluyendo los padres, el dinero, la juventud, tu habitación, las camisas de vestir, yo, tú, y el anime de GintamaRELLENO23/05/2011
2105x9Una ciudad sin ley suele atraer a montones de don nadiesCANON30/05/2011
2115x10Los fantasmas no son los únicos que deambulan entre las tumbasCANON06/06/2011
2125x11Las cadenas de un guerreroCANON13/06/2011
2135x12La ciudad de hierroCANON20/06/2011
2145x13Es un honorCANON27/06/2011
2155x14Pares o nonesCANON04/07/2011
2165x15No recuerdo nada de la excursión a la fábricaCANON11/07/2011
2175x16Lo que sucede dos veces puede suceder tresCANON18/07/2011
2185x17Las pinzas de un cangrejo pueden cortar a través de una amistadCANON25/07/2011
2195x18¡La gente se olvida todo el tiempo de devolver las cosas sin darse cuenta!/ Terminamos un poco temprano así que vamos a empezar el próximo episodioCANON01/08/2011
2205x19¡El baño, lugar donde estas desnudo en cuerpo y alma!CANON08/08/2011
2225x21El nombre revela a la personaCANON22/08/2011
2235x22Si La situación en la casa de un hombre es dura, su corazón es blandoCANON29/08/2011
2245x23Extasis azulgranaCANON05/09/2011
2255x24En la segunda temporada de Prison Break ya han escapado de la prisión, pero el nombre sigue teniendo sentido si piensas que la sociedad sigue siendo una prisiónCANON12/09/2011
2265x25A todo el mundo le gustan las pijamasCANON19/09/2011
2275x26Si hablamos de crossovers, no te olvides Alien vs DepredadorCANON26/09/2011
2285x27El amor no tiene ni pros ni contrasCANON03/10/2011
2295x28Haciéndolo a través del AmorCANON10/10/2011
2305x29Costaría mucho hacer que este título parezca un mensaje de textoCANON17/10/2011
2315x30La primera vez que vas a un funeral, te sorprende ver lo felices que están todosCANON24/10/2011
2325x31Las personas que tiendes a olvidar suelen aparecer al poco rato de haberlas olvidadoCANON31/10/2011
2335x32El bururun taizaki del espacioCANON07/11/2011
2345x33Alcancías y botes de basurasCANON14/11/2011
2355x34Planeta vacíoCANON21/11/2011
2365x35Nunca digas adiós, LionelCANON28/11/2011
2375x36Por favor, llevadme a esquiarCANON05/12/2011
2385x37Unas vacaciones desorientadasCANON12/12/2011
2395x38¿Sabes esas fiestas de fin de año donde bebes para olvidar? hay ciertas cosas que no deberías olvidarCANON19/12/2011
2405x39Las personas solo pueden seguir viviendo olvidando lo maloCANON26/12/2011
2415x40En cierto sentido, todos los hombres somos anfitrionesCANON09/01/2012
2425x41A las chicas le gusta Vegeta y a los chicos PiccoloCANON16/01/2012
2435x42Los pintores conocidos como mangakas usan las experiencias de su vida como su lienzo y pincelCANON23/01/2012
2445x43Presta atención!!CANON30/01/2012
2455x44Rosas y espinasCANON06/02/2012
2465x45Festival de espinasCANON13/02/2012
2475x46Carta de un baragakiCANON20/02/2012
2485x47Quien quiere ser madaonarioCANON27/02/2012
2495x48No des los regalos atrasadosCANON05/03/2012
2505x49Los sobres de año nuevo son la excusa perfecta para hacer chistes suciosCANON12/03/2012
2515x50Cuando Duermas bajo un kotatsu, asegúrate de que no se te quemen las bolasCANON19/03/2012
2525x51Lo sentimosRELLENO26/03/2012
2536x1Nobody with Natural Straight Hair Can Be That BadCANON04/10/2012
2546x2Kintoki and GintokiCANON11/10/2012
2556x3Kin-san's KintamaCANON18/10/2012
2566x4The Meaning of a Main CharacterCANON25/10/2012
2576x5Courtesan Turns the TablesCANON10/01/2013
2586x6Inside the Palace!!CANON17/01/2013
2596x7Five PinkiesCANON24/01/2013
2606x8Pinky SwearCANON31/01/2013
2616x9Unsetting MoonCANON07/02/2013
2626x10The Sound of a Beam Can Pierce Every HeartCANON07/03/2013
2636x11Two BrothersCANON14/03/2013
2646x12Liquor and Gasoline, Smiles and TearsCANON21/03/2013
2656x13Dog Food Doesn't Taste Like You ThinkCANON28/03/2013
2667x1You Can Never Pause at the Perfect TimeCANON08/04/2015
2677x2Even a Matsui Stick Can't Handle Some Kinds of DirtCANON15/04/2015
2687x3An Inspector's Love Begins With an InspectionCANON22/04/2015
2697x4Forget Dates, Remember People / You Can Hide Your Porn Mags, But You Can't Hide Your ***CANON29/04/2015
2707x5A Mirror Provides a Frozen Reflection of Both Your Beautiful and Ugly Sides / Nobody Likes the Photo on Their LicenseCANON06/05/2015
2717x6Arriving Late to a Reunion Makes it Hard to EnterCANON13/05/2015
2727x7A Reunion Also Brings to the Surface Things You Don't Want to RememberCANON20/05/2015
2737x8When Compared to Time in the Heavens, Fifty Years of Human Life Resembles Naught but Dreams and Lottery TicketsCANON27/05/2015
2747x9Guys With Big Nostrils Also Have Big Imaginations / You Never Accept a New Sentai Series at the Start, But By the Final Episode, You Don't Want It to EndCANON03/06/2015
2757x109 + 1 = Yagyu JyubeiCANON10/06/2015
2767x11Calories Come Back to Bite You Just When You've Forgotten About ThemCANON17/06/2015
2777x1210 - 1 =CANON24/06/2015
2787x13All Mothers Pack Too Much Food Into a Lunch Box and Ruin the ShapeCANON01/07/2015
2797x14The Reaper by Day and the Reaper by NightCANON08/07/2015
2807x15Human or Demon?CANON15/07/2015
2817x16Farewell, ReaperCANON22/07/2015
2827x17A Phoenix Rises from the Ashes Over and OverCANON29/07/2015
2847x19Being a Leader is ToughCANON12/08/2015
2857x20Love is a Roach MotelCANON19/08/2015
2867x21A Sizzle Summer / A Nothing Summer 2015CANON26/08/2015
2877x22He's the Sweet Tooth, and I'm the Mayo GuyCANON02/09/2015
2887x23I'm a Failure as a Leader, and He's Also a Failure as a LeaderCANON09/09/2015
2897x24I'm Odd Jobs, and He's ShinsengumiCANON16/09/2015
2907x25Always Leave Enough Room for Fifty Million in Your BagCANON23/09/2015
2917x26Always Leave Enough Room for Pebbles in Your BagCANON30/09/2015
2927x27Style Goes Out of Fashion the Moment It's Put Into Words / There Are Two Types of People In This World: Those Who Yell Out Their Attack Names, and Those Who Don'tCANON07/10/2015
2937x28The Two ApesCANON14/10/2015
2947x29Afros of Life and DeathCANON21/10/2015
2957x30Afuro and WolfroCANON28/10/2015
2967x31Take the Initial Premise Lightly, and It'll Cost YouCANON04/11/2015
2977x32Keep Your Farewells ShortCANON11/11/2015
2987x33One Editor Is Enough / The G-Pen Is Capricious and the Maru Pen Is StubbornCANON18/11/2015
2997x34Strike When the Sword and Overlord are Hot / Oil RainCANON25/11/2015
3007x35Shoguns of Light and ShadowCANON02/12/2015
3017x36Ninja VillageCANON09/12/2015
3027x37Ninja SoulCANON16/12/2015
3037x38And Then There Were FiveCANON23/12/2015
3047x39Those Who Protect Against All OddsCANON06/01/2016
3057x40Sworn EnemyCANON13/01/2016
3067x41The Crows Caw After the Battle EndsCANON20/01/2016
3077x42Farewell, BuddyCANON27/01/2016
3087x43The Day the Demon CriedCANON03/02/2016
3097x44Heroes Always Arrive Fashionably LateCANON10/02/2016
3107x45Lost and FoundCANON17/02/2016
3117x46Prison BreakCANON24/02/2016
3127x47Stray DogsCANON02/03/2016
3137x48Undelivered MailCANON09/03/2016
3167x51Farewell ShinsengumiCANON30/03/2016
3178x1The Monster and the Monster's ChildCANON08/01/2017
3188x2Leave LetterCANON15/01/2017
3198x3The Song of a SamuraiCANON22/01/2017
3218x5The Two FoolsCANON05/02/2017
3228x6Ten YearsCANON12/02/2017
3248x8Master of KouanCANON26/02/2017
3258x9The Lost RabbitCANON05/03/2017
3278x11First StudentCANON19/03/2017
3299x1The Stairs to Adulthood May Not Always Lead UpCANON02/10/2017
3309x2My Bald Dad, My Light-Haired Dad, and My Dad's GlassesCANON09/10/2017
3319x3A Bowl of RamenCANON16/10/2017
3329x4A FamilyCANON23/10/2017
3339x5Life, Death, and Shades / All the Answers Can Be Found in the FieldCANON30/10/2017
3349x63000 Leagues in Search of a ScabbardCANON06/11/2017
3359x7The Super Sadist and the Super SadistCANON13/11/2017
3369x8The Strongest Sword, and the Dullest AssCANON20/11/2017
3379x9Wash Your Hands Before a HandshakeCANON27/11/2017
3389x10Diamonds are UnscratchableCANON04/12/2017
3399x11An Idol Badge of HonorCANON11/12/2017
3409x12The Line Between Godlike Games and Crappy Games is Paper-Thin / Glasses are a Part of the SoulCANON18/12/2017
3419x13Guardian Spirit are Also a Part of the SoulCANON25/12/2017
3429x14Try As You Might to Make a Natural Perm Go Away, It Will Alwasy ReturnCANON08/01/2018
3439x15Flavoring is Best in Small QuantitiesCANON15/01/2018
3449x16A Delinquent's Kid Has Long Neck HairCANON22/01/2018
3459x17The Line Between Tenacious and Annoying Is Paper-ThinCANON29/01/2018
3469x18Geezers Carve the Things They Shouldn't Forget into Their WrinklesCANON05/02/2018
3479x19Machine that Pick Up Useless Habits are Called PeopleCANON12/02/2018
3489x20Men Must Live Not Long Nor Thick, but HardCANON19/02/2018
3499x21Ogres Are Weak Against Tiny Heroes Like the Inch-High SamuraiCANON26/02/2018
3509x22Bragging About Your Own Heroic Deeds Will Make People Hate You, so Make Others Do It For YouCANON05/03/2018
3519x23Jump and Power Creep Go Hand-in-HandCANON12/03/2018
3529x24Peace and Destruction are Two Sides of the Same CoinCANON19/03/2018
3539x25Bushido is Found One Second Before DeathCANON26/03/2018